Recent Grants for Community in the Otago Region - 2021

Hearing Association Dunedin INC. – to support the continuation of their services and
education to schools, kindergartens, community groups, and to provide tests, assessments,
and care of the elderly’s hearing in rest homes over 3 years.
$ 15,000

Otago Community Hospice – to purchase a full body hoist to enable safer and more
appropriate care for their most vulnerable patients.

Citizens Advice Bureau Dunedin – to cover rent costs to allow them to continue to provide
their services to all in a central location, over 3 years.
$ 6,000

The Otago Medical Research Foundation - To support The HCOCT Summer Scholarship for
$ 5,000

Waitaki District Health Services Ltd – to purchase a FM20 CTG Machine for their Maternity
$ 11,773.83