The Healthcare Otago Charitable Trust is an independent organisation established over twenty years ago. We apply our funds to assist a significant range of health related causes in the wider Otago region.

These include health research, improving the welfare of patients, education related to health and disability services, and supporting health-related community organisations. Over the years many generous donors have made gifts and bequests, and the Trust has distributed over $13 million to benefit communities across Otago. 

Who We Support

Otago Hospitals

We offer education and conference grants to enable health professionals to undertake professional development, and equipment grants for the benefit of patients.

Our Communities

We support community organisations that make a difference to the health and well-being of Otago communities.

The University of Otago

We encourage health-related research at the University of Otago by providing funds for research support.

Recent Grants

Recent Grants for equipment for Hospitals in the Otago Region

2019Dunedin and Wakari Hospital staff cafes – to provide the upgrade of numerous couches for staff comfort.2020Ward 8 Du...

Posted 26 days ago

Update on Community Recent Grants

2018Otago Multiple Sclerosis Society Inc.  $8,000To provide ongoing support education and care management services to th...

Posted 26 days ago

The 2020 Healthcare Otago Charitable Trust Summer Research Scholar

Grayson Wass Project: investigating genetic variants in Māori/Pacific populations that associate with gout Supervi...

Posted 8 months ago