The Trust recognises that many of the determinants of health fall outside the direct control of the health sector. We support health-related organisations that will make a difference to the health and wellbeing of Otago communities. These include organisations that deliver health related services to people with specific challenges, including those with low incomes, disabilities, health issues, and those living in rural Otago. 

Who is eligible for funding? 

We accept applications from not-for-profit organisations.

These include:

  • an incorporated society or organisation, which is not for the purpose of providing profits or gains to any member or shareholder.

  • a registered charity

  • a not-for-profit education provider, church or church administration body

  • a not-for-profit entity, which holds a valid tax exemption certificate

  • a small unincorporated organisation

It is important to note that as the source of the Trust's funds has been for the Otago community, eligibility for funding is restricted to applications which will benefit this geographic area (click here to download a map of the Trust's geographic boundaries).

We encourage all organisations to know, and be able to confirm, they are delivering the results they expect to. Here is a link to some valuable tools and commentary to help you assess if you are achieving your goals.