Education and conference support grants enable health professionals to attend meetings in other centres, to visit research colleagues, and to undertake professional development. Grants are available to support conferences in health-related fields organised by academic institutions or professional organisations.

The Trust is supportive of staff training and is prepared to share costs with the Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand - Southern and/or the applicant. All applications are reviewed by the Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand - Southern executive to confirm their support.

Trust policy is that a grant may be given for a conference or course up to 50% of the budgeted total cost, with a maximum grant of $1500. Where two or more applicants wish to attend the same conference or course, the maximum payment will not exceed $3000.

The Trust does not support tertiary education.

Applications should include:

  • Details of the conference/course and its significance

  • A breakdown of expected budget and an explanation of the sum required

  • Evidence of approval by the Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand - Southern

  • A completed general application for funds form (download here)

Completed applications should be sent to [email protected].

Applications can be accepted at any time, but funding decisions are made by the Trust Board at its next meeting. Generally, our Trust meetings are held in the months of February, April, June, August, October and November/ December