Why Donate?

The Healthcare Otago Charitable Trust is an effective and sustainable way for individuals and organisations to leave gifts and legacies and to ensure those funds make a real impact on the health and well-being of communities across the Otago region. The capital from the endowment funds remains intact, and the distribution of the ongoing interest is distributed into grants. These grants are given according to the wishes of the donor.


Create your own endowment fund

You can create your own endowment fund to give to the health care you care about. This is easier and less expensive that starting your own private trust. Further, you are relieved of all the usual overheads such as accounts, tax, audit, charitable registration and investment management.


Donate to an existing fund

Alternatively you can donate to an already existing fund.

Donations to the Trust are also a practical option for organisations which are winding up and are required to distribute the surplus consistent with their rules. 


Making a donation

The requests and wishes of the donor will be recognised, and specific terms will be agreed upon for managing and distributing any proposed donation, consistent with the Trust’s investment policies. 

Please contact the Trust to learn more about the work we do and to discuss donation options.