Application Details:

The Healthcare Otago Charitable Trust has funds available to invest in research and welcomes applications for research grants. All applications must be able to clearly demonstrate linkages to specific health outcomes and benefits for the communities of Otago in the short to medium term and as a matter of principle, the trustees will not fund national or international initiatives.

It is expected that requests will be for research grants up to $30,000, however larger amounts may be considered when there is sufficient justification or merit. Similarly, it is expected that the projects be a maximum of one year in duration however longer projects may be considered. Applicants are advised that funding from The Healthcare Otago Charitable Trust is for direct costs of research only and does not include overheads or indirect salaries.

Preference will generally be given to:

1. Proposals to initiate new research of strategic importance to the health of communities in Otago.

2. Requests supporting projects which may lead to further development. For example, applications for new projects which require some preliminary data to provide “proof of concept” prior to applying to a larger external funding body.

3. Projects led by well supported staff with limited research experience beginning their research career.

All applications need to supply the following documentation:

  • The completed application form [download here]
  • A Costing and Consents Worksheet is required for all successful University of Otago projects. While it is not required at the application stage, researchers should consider drafting one to ensure the budget is adequate. University of Otago applicants are welcome to contact their Research Advisor prior to the submission date for advice or review. Southern DHB applicants can contact Health Research South for advice.
  • All successful applicants must supply a brief description of their project, in lay language, and a personal or team photograph for The Healthcare Otago Charitable Trust website.
  • If funding for equipment is requested, the feasibility of borrowing or using such equipment should be explored. Quotes should be attached for equipment priced higher than $5,000.
  • Any equipment purchased shall revert to the relevant Department and is not the property of the researcher.
  • Applications will not be assessed from applicants who have outstanding or unsatisfactory final reports for previous DSM-administered funding.

Once complete applications should be submitted with the supporting documentation in PDF format to: [email protected].